We have as a motto to exceed expectations in all meetings.

That means that regardless if you are a customer on this site, a store that are looking for new great products or a unknown person on the street - E.SALMONSON will always try to exceed your expectations. In a good way of course, we hope you got that. That's pretty hard words to follow, to be honest. But we try and customer care ar one of the most important things there is. We want you to be a 100% happy with both us and our products.

If you aren't happy and satisfied - contact us right away and let us make things right again.

Return & Exchange Policy

We know that it can be tricky to buy stuff online, but we really ask you to think twice before you buy pretty much buy anything (are we the world's worst sales people?). To send stuff back and forth are a real killer for the environment, we try to avoid it as much as possible.

BUT - with that being said, you of course have the right to return and exchange the products you buy from us. We are so proud over our products, that we are pretty sure you do want to keep what you get anyway. If something should be wrong or something else than what you expected, please let us know and you will receive a return shipping label to put on the package. You have 14 days of consideration before returning the item.

Bare in mind that personalised products such as a made-to-measure belt with your own initials are outside of the ordinary return- and exchange policy, due to the personalisation. We handle those products a little bit different, send us an email if you want to know all the details.