• Knitted in Alingsås, Sweden.
  • Legendary Donegal yarn from Ilkley, Ireland.
  • 100% (new) pure Merino wool.
  • Classic model, never goes out of style.
  • Fits both male and female.

Is this the ultimate sweater? Does it sweep the floor with all other sweaters? You tell me! All I can say is that is one hell of a sweater. Knitted and sewn in Alingsås, Sweden and truly made to last. We have used an overlock stitching to really make it longlasting and to really make sure that it can handle all possible use, even in more demanding situations. This is a sweater to grow old in!

This soft Donegal yarn combines beautiful flecks of colour with weightless volume. The fact that it is made from 100% merino wool gives it the softest feeling (think about your best base layer in merino wool) and good qualities when it comes to washing opportunities.

All of these sweaters are knitted in Alingsås just outside of Gothenburg, by one of the last standing knitters in Sweden. We are very proud to be able to produce our garments and products in this environmentally friendly way.

Our goal is to never produce more than what is needed. We do this for the sake of the environment. For this reason, it can take up to two weeks for delivery of our products. All manufacturing takes place in close proximity to our HQ which allows us to constantly fill with smaller batches. In a hurry and wondering what's in store? Email us!

Keep in mind that you through this purchase contribute to the craftsmanship in Sweden. You make the knowledge continue into the future, giving future generations the opportunity to learn the craft. We think that’s something that you could be very, very proud of!

Size guide (not a fancy one but hopefully helpfull):


  • Chest width (armpit to armpit): 47cm
  • Back length (top to bottom): 64cm
  • Want more details? Contact us!


  • Chest width (armpit to armpit): 49cm
  • Back length (top to bottom): 66cm
  • Want more details? Contact us!


  • Chest width (armpit to armpit): 51cm
  • Back length (top to bottom): 68cm
  • Want more details? Contact us!


  • Chest width (armpit to armpit): 53cm
  • Back length (top to bottom): 70cm
  • Want more details? Contact us!


  • Chest width (armpit to armpit): 55cm
  • Back length (top to bottom): 72cm
  • Want more details? Contact us!

Do you wonder why it costs what it costs?

Feel free to send us an email and we will share our cost calculation with you! The best thing with manufacturing products locally and ethically correct is that you got nothing to be ashamed of. We don’t

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